Phages4A (Phages For All)

Phages4A has developed a technology based on artificial intelligence, able to predict in an in-silico way the phage or phages that can specifically infect and kill a bacteria. Our technology harnesses the genome of phages and bacteria and relies on bacterial-phage interaction data to train artificial intelligence algorithms. The models thus developed make it possible to select the phage that can specifically infect and kill a given bacteria. Our predictions will help to create custom bacteriophage cocktails to treat patients with bacterial infections. With our solution, it will no longer be necessary to wait for a laboratory to test all possible phages.Phages4A explanation

Latest News

Phages4A selected to present at the Alpine High-tech Venture Forum 2018 taking place in Lausanne, on 22-23 October 2018.

The AHVF is organized by Tech Tour/E-Unlimited and hosted by the Canton of Vaud, and plays an important role in the promotion of the dynamic and innovative image of entrepreneurs within the Alpine area to Swiss and European venture capitalists and corporate representatives. Indeed, about 40 companies will showcase their most innovative business solutions and products in ICT, Life Sciences and Cleantech, to both an audience and an Investor Jury, who will eventually select the best quartile at EVC Finalist Ceremony.

Alpine High Tech Venture Forum 2018

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Phages4A in stats

Our constantly growing database is composed of:

  • 1'715 Bacteria genomes
  • 3'747 Phages genomes
  • 20'287 positive interactions
  • 2'297 interactions phage-bacteria at strain level
  • 17'990 interactions phage-bacteria at species level