About us

Phages4A is a spinoff of the Institute for Information and Communication Technologies (IICT) at the School of Business and Engineering Vaud (HEIG-VD) in Switzerland.

Phages4A mission is accelerate the use of phages as treatment against antibiotic-resistant bacteria by combining in-silico biology and the latest discoveries in microbiology.

More specifically we aim to:

  • Help laboratories to speed their processes to identify host range (i.e. the spectrum of strains of bacterial species that a given strain of phage can infect).

  • Provide to hospitals and clinics with software tools to accelerate the treatment of patients suffering of diseases related antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

  • Bring our products and services to other industries including but not limited to food safety, aquaculture, veterinary, and agriculture where bacteria resistant to antibiotics is a important issue.